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More than five years ago we started our organization, we began as a small page on Facebook before pages were a popular thing. As we learned the ropes of investigating frauds, we also started brainstorming with other vets on how we could help the community. One such person I started collaborating with was Dan Caddy.  Dan Caddy, Daniel Alarik(CEO GruntStyle), Jeff Barillaro(SoldierHard), Boone Cutler, and myself had just started facebook pages and decided to come together and help each other on different issues.

We began to take notice of the issues we as Veterans face in the civilian world, this away from our main topic of our pages. I was concentrating on those that claim what they haven’t earned, Dan Caddy was building the facebook page, Awesome Shit My Drill Sgt Said, and Daniel Alarik was putting together a small clothing company(Grunt Style) aimed at the Military genre, Soldier Hard was producing music for Veterans and our unique issues and Boone Cutler was a radio talk show host whose topics were all military related.. We noticed more and more Vets reaching out to us via comments and messages on our pages, just wanting someone to talk too, at the time it was almost a career death sentence to talk to your Chain of Command about PTSD, or Suicide.

As time went by, we were all trying to do our best to help everyone we could whether it be a phone call or sending a “Battle Buddy” over to spend some time with the Vet. We began to notice that the problem was much larger than we could have ever imagined, Soldier Hard started producing songs that touched a lot of our Vets that were in these dark places. Dan who had started to build a very strong following on Facebook with all the basic training stories and Drill Sgt stories, came up with a new idea. He wanted to build an organization that’s sole purpose was to help Veterans and Military members alike who were in dark spots and needed someone to talk to or were on the verge of suicide. That is when Battle in Distress was born, and he put tons of his personal money into building this organization. It has been a huge success, saving thousands of Warfighters who were suicidal or on the path to it.

Over the past five years all of our organizations have seen amazing growth and success, although we all have different missions, our goal as a team will always remain the same; To come together and help the Warfighter community in any way we can. Now all of us have large followings on Facebook, and successful missions. Daniel has moved Grunt Style from a “Garage Business”, to one of the most successful military clothing companies ever, Soldier Hard is now performing Warfighter music all over the nation and on USO tours, Boone now has a very successful talk show that reaches millions weekly, and we are now well-known for our meticulous and fact based investigations. All together we have a combined reach of over ten million people.

Recently Dan was asked to write a book about his Facebook page, Awesome Shit My Drill Sergeant Said, Highlighting the best submissions and quotes from the days of Basic training. The book outlines what it’s like to go through Basic Combat Training, the things our Drill Sergeants said to us that we will always remember, the things that shaped us into the Warfighters we are today. Basic Training was the first time you saw the military from the inside, mostly young adults, away from home for the first time in their lives.

I think all of us can look back and remember at least one thing a Drill Sergeant said or did, something that we will never forget. Or something a young Private did, that sent the Drills into what seemed to be a crazy rant. This book outlines some of the best of those stories, from the infamous “Shark Attack”(the moment you get of the bus from reception and the Drills swarmed you), to the stupid thing Private Joe Snuffy did that got the Platoon smoked for hours.

Drill Sergeants have a major impact on every Soldier they come into contact with, they are molding our future Warfighters, our future leaders. They spend countless hours turning a civilian into a Soldier, and that is no easy task.

The mere sight of his fatigues and the iconic “Round Brown” campaign hat strikes fear into the bravest of hearts. Drill sergeants inflict pain, demand discipline, and aren’t afraid of power, aggression, and using fear as a motivational tool. But unless you’ve witnessed one firsthand with your face in the mud doing push ups, you might not know one other fact . . . drill sergeants are some of the FUNNIEST people on the planet!

I was able to get my hands on the book before it released, and it is 177 pages of pure laughter and memories. Here is one few of my favorite parts of the book without giving away too much.

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This book is a great read even for those that haven’t served and experienced the wrath of a Drill Sergeant. It will surely give you some insight on what they go through during this grueling transformation from civilian to Soldier. The book can be purchased at this link: Awesome Shit My Drill Sergeant Said, or at any major retailer like Barnes and Noble or Amazon.


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