Autozone Fires An Air Force Veteran, Devin McClean, For Foiling Robbery

York County, Va.- Autozone fired one of its employee’s, Devin McClean, an Air Force Veteran, after he foils a robbery.

Devin was working at the Autozone in York County, Va. When a criminal nicknamed “The Beard Bandit” walked into the store brandishing a weapon. This guy had already robbed the store once before, and was a suspect in 30 other robberies. The Air Force Veteran took action:

“I waited for him to go up toward the front, I ran out of the restroom, ran out to my truck where I keep my own personal weapon, grabbed my weapon, came back into the store and confronted the guy,” says McClean.


“When I yelled “freeze” and I said “Stop, drop the weapon,” he threw his hands up with his gun still in his hand he started running,” says McClean. “I felt like it was my responsibility to step in.”


Devin’s manager is grateful.


“He was like “Thank you Devin, you really saved my life,” says McClean.

Two days later, he was fired.


Courtesy WTKR.COM This is also the link to the original story.

According to Autozone’s corporate office, they have a new gun policy, and that is why he was fired. So Autozone, if the manager had been killed had Devin not acted, how would you have felt then? Devin is responsible citizen who acted to save others, and to protect your store from being robbed, and this is how you show gratitude?

McClean said “If I can save somebody’s life, I put that way above a store policy”. Devin, we agree, you did the right thing and we stand by you for what you did as a citizen with the right to bear arms.

Here is the video:

Some are already voicing their opinions on Autozone’s facebook page, if you would like to do the same here is the link. But remember we are Military and Veterans, keep it civil, no threats etc. But we feel this Veteran did the right thing and should not have lost his job for protecting others. I’m sure some will not agree he did the right thing, but we believe he did.

Autozone on Facebook


From the Sheriff:

The sheriff said he was disappointed to hear that McLean lost his job on account of stopping the robbery.

“That’s certainly unfortunate,” he said. “They should be doing something to reward that young man instead of firing him.”

Sheriff Diggs said AutoZone has also sent an unintended message to the community.

“The company has now sent a message to every would-be robber out there – ‘Hey we’re open for business and unarmed. Come on in and take our money,’” he said.

UPDATE Devin went on the record with Greta last night, here is the video:


Seems Autozone is also a sponsor of the Liberty Bowl(Ironic?) Autozone Liberty Bowl Facebook Page


What are your thoughts?
177 comments on “Autozone Fires An Air Force Veteran, Devin McClean, For Foiling Robbery
  1. As much as I would like to be mad at Autozone for firing the dude, he broke the rules. I dont like the rules they have in place either but he knew what the rules were when he took the job. Being a Veteran doesnt entitle one to break the rules.

    • You don’t need to be a Veteran to exercise your rights to defend yourself or those around you. Some random cashier at some other store, fresh out of High School perhaps, could do the same thing. Granted, there might be different permit laws and such. He did the best thing for the situation, knows it, and doesn’t seem to regret it. Good for him. He shouldn’t. Military Service shouldn’t be held against someone when it seems they’ve done something above and beyond a “normal civilian”.

          • Huh? When jobs are tight, sometimes you work where you can. I am so happy that you can afford to work where you want.

          • ok has it escaped anyones attention he did not have it in the store whilst he worked? he ran out to get it from his vehicle – i dont know about anyone else but once i pass those doors going out in that situation im cosidering myself clocked out – they should be grateful he came back in for crying out loud.

          • He didn’t have his weapon in the store. he had to go OUT to his truck to get it.
            I won’t be giving Autozone any more business.

    • Wow. I guess if the bad guy had wounded or possibly killed both of these AutoZone employees, you’d feel a lot better about it, because McClean had followed the rules? Have you ever been robbed at gunpoint or knife point? Have you ever stepped into the breech, risking your life for another human being? I’ll bet you haven’t. I have stepped into the breech, and I can tell you that it is extremely scary. Back in the pre-cell phone days, I saw a robbery being committed in a convenience store by a knife wielding man about 4:30 in the morning. The clerk was scared, but thankful. I didn’t know him, but I couldn’t leave him in the fix he was in. Now imagine someone you know, someone you work with, being held up at gunpoint. I suppose you think it’s better to obey a rule, than ending the confrontation. Now imagine that was you being robbed at gunpoint.

    • That’s the dumbest, liberal cop-out comment I’ve ever heard and Autozone should be grateful that someone cared enough to protect it’s people. Perhaps if the movie theater in Aurora had not had it’s “Policy”, those people would be alive. Sounds like Autozone staged it anyway to use their BS rule. I will not shop there again.

      • A person who is concerned with following the rules will be one of the first people to lose their liberties guaranteed by the constitution. Then they will be glad that someone like me stood up and fought to get their liberties back, that is assuming that they are still alive when I get to where they are to save them.

          • John, that list of rules as you call the Constitution is meant to control the Government, not the people. The Constitution was not written as a way of keeping rights from the people but to give rights to the people. It is a list of rules that protects the people from ending up with a tyrannical government and leader.

    • @ asimonsays…are you really as stupid as your comment sounds? You sound like one of them educated idiots they call officers in the military. Total tunnel vision and cannot think outside the box. Sure would hate to be one of your Soldiers with your mentality.

      • Wow Stevo,

        That is probably one of the most short sighted idiotic judgmental statements I have ever heard anyone on this site say. My husband is a Mustang Marine (8/12 20 AD so far) and he is far from being as you stated a “one of them educated idiots they call Officers”. My husbands Marines love working for him and he treats them with the respect that is commensurate to their rank and performance without prejudice even when he fundamentally doesn’t like the person or their attitude. He’s tough but fair and it’s really too bad that rather than stand on the laurels of your own experiences you need to insult an entire corps of dedicated professionals to make your point.

        Mrs. W

    • Your joking right? His thoughts were not that he is a Veteran .He wanted to save a life.He is trained better on how to use a gun and safe a life because he is a veteran.I will not shop at Autozone after this.

      • I agree with Jennifer, I will not shop there anymore either!!!! He saved lives and foiled a robbery, and also I might note that after the perpetrator dropped the weapon he did not shoot the now unarmed man who ran. Appropriate response and excellent self control! He should be reinstated and with a or collect in heavy damages for wrongful termination on the basis that their gun policy violates the Constitution and McCleans right to defend himself. Had he not acted as he did he would also have become victim to potential murder at the hands of the “would be robber” and had reason to fear for his life and the lives of others. He is a hero and should be commended by the police department with a citizen award for risking his life.

      • He’s an Air Force Veteran. Other the the three days they spend on the range in boot camp, he hasn’t received too much weapons training. Unless he was Special Forces, which I doubt.

        • He would have still had to take a weapons course for concealed carry, and being in the Air Force (not special forces) I find it offense that you would think all Air Force members only see weapons in basic… this man could have walked away and let what happens happen, it was not his military career that made him go back inside(though it may have helped) it was his natural human reaction or… fight or flight as I like to call it. Do not turn this into a degrading Military debacle because you can not see past your own agenda’s. It has nothing to do with him being a promoter of a certain political party or his military service. It was natural human response… and we are all better for the actions taken by people like him.

          • I’m in the Air Force, and I carry a weapon every day. I have qualified expert on the M16, M4, and M9. I also am a CCW permit holder. Don’t think that we only touch weapons in basic training.

    • So the rules are the rules even if it might mean dead people. Is that your position? No shots fired proves Mr. McClean is not trigger happy, though he would, in my opinion, have been justified. You remind me of a South Park episode in which characters of a western theme park let people die because the rule is never break character. You make no sense. If you think there is a lot of gun crime, wait till guns are taken from us.

    • He didn’t break the rules. He wasn’t carrying it in the store, he went out to his truck and grabbed his gun from his truck to avert a possible murder. Thats not breaking the Rules. And as it has already been said, now every robber around knows about the Welcome to rob us Rule.

    • Being a veteran has nothing to do with it. He was being a good citizen. His manager understands that…because he is still alive and not another statistic. So I assume if you were in the same situation your thought process would have been ‘I can stop this, but I better not break company policy’? Or would you have just stood there and $h!? your pants???

      • Devin’s comments speak for themselves. Regardless of his status as a Veteran, he chose to do the right thing. I think that’s the important thing to keep in mind. Someone else commented that the parking lot is also “store property.” Granted. I still believe that he acted in a selfless manner to save lives. If I were in his shoes, and knew how to handle a weapon with competence, I would do the same thing. I’m sure most of you would, too.

    • Rules are written by people. People cannot anticipate every situation that might happen, nor can they write rules to cover every situation that can happen. The rules would be so long and voluminous, no one could reasonably be expected to read them.

      So, there must be exceptions to every set of rules. If you take someone’s car to rush a child to the hospital and in so doing save her from bleeding to death, are you guilty of car theft? According to the law, yes. According to equity before the law, no.

      It’s too bad that Autozone doesn’t recognize this principle. Not a good employer. Next time, I’ll be going to Advance Auto.

      (I’m embarrassed to have to come off sounding like an idiot spouting what should be obvious, but it looks like some people need it.)

    • Well I guess if the robber pissed his pants due to fright, and then slipped and cracked his head open, it would be ok for him to sue for damages, and for loss of income because those are the rules! Good grief get some perspective. You say you wouldn’t let your family work there because they don’t allow you to carry a concealed weapon, well what if they weren’t working there but only shopping, and your son or daughter was being harrased at gun point. Would you get down off your high and mighty horse and thank someone who saved them, or would you scold the person for helping and tell them you shouldn’t have helped because the “rules” dictate that you be sheep.

    • We have a DUTY to oppose STUPID and COWARDLY rules. The company is caving in to effing LAWYERS who are the true cowards in all this, worrying more about ‘liability’ and nothing about doing the RIGHT thing. Any company that doesn’t support and encourage doing the right thing and standing up to scum criminals, is not deserving of having money spent with them.

    • This is listed in the “10 Catastrophic things you can do during a robbery”:

      Do not ever attempt to engage the robber(s) in a struggle.
      Although most of
      us would never imagine engaging a robber in a physical confrontation, there have
      been cases in which bank security guards, branch managers and other employees
      have physically confronted bank robbers. Remember this type of response to a
      robber increases the level of danger to all employees and customers in the bank.

      • That is why no one will remember your name or your actions. You refuse to put the safety of others above your own. You just don’t have what it takes, and that’s OK. I’m glad that McClean was there instead of you.

    • You must be an AutoZone employee trying to make manager. Your comment was asinine, and devoid of any common sense. It’s a free country so you feel free to exercise your right to be a dumb-ass. Anyway, let’s keep this boycott of Autozone going, even the Sheriff-although he didn’t actually say it-appears to think Autozone Execs are acting like F-tards.

    • Yes Its a rule, But then again what is right is right and wrong is wrong. What if this guy had shot someone ? would it been right to stop this person even if it was against the rules? sometimes it better to do whats right in your head and heart than doing the rule….

    • Woww… Ok, second amendment rights much? and “being a veteran doesn’t entitle one to break the rules”? I really do not believe he broke the rules because he was a veteran, that is a very ignorant observation. His weapon was not in the store, but when the store was being robbed, he chose to do what was right, defend the lives of others. What would you do? Say “Sorry, the rules say that I need to let this robber shot us all”?? Come on. Really? Have some common sense here. This guy did the heroic course of action, he decided to put his life in danger to save the life of someone else. Something he had done in the past, being a veteran… Something you obviously know nothing about. Autozone should be rewarding this Young man for his brave actions. Most employers would appreciate an individual’s loyalty and bravery. You should re-think your statement, or perhaps if you can not make an intelligent statement, do not say anything at all…

    • asimonsays, I was thinking just as you, that a company has a way it wants things handled by employees. If that rule or standard was broken and if dismissal a prescribed consequence, then all is fair there.

      But, as a person witnessing a crime involving a handgun, that could easily end with the perp shooting someone, in botched robbery somehow, or just out of meanness, I would feel obligated to use my abilities and circumstances to ensure no one is killed, In this area, the company’s standards don’t meet my standards, I would do what I felt was the right thing and just take being fired. I would be glad to know that everyone sees that their standards are so low, as this is publicized.

    • How about mitigating or extenuating circumstances? Everyone understands rules but sometimes exceptions need to be made. Even the law recognizes this.

    • Neither does being the President, But that hasn’t stopped him from breaking his oath by deciding that he will not enforce laws that he doesn’t agree with. Or by holding so tightly to an ideology that he is willing to let this country go into a fiscal crises to prove a point ,Or going back on promises that his will be the most open and transparent administration. Ask the family of that fallen Border Patrol agent if they think they will ever see the truth behind Fast and Furious. Or Pelosi saying we have to pass the health care bill to see what’s in it. The actions of that Air Force veteran could have only affected two people, himself and the manager. The other examples I named, and their actions have the potential to put an entire nation at risk. So, really who should be the one getting fired?

      • @ Les Dershem, Let’s not forget about Benghazi. Those 4 Americans were ordered to stand down. All support that wanted to go protect them were told to stand down. Do not escalate the situation, they were told. Those four Americans are dead because they complied and followed orders and did not break the rules. I believe Obama made that order and no one else. In a sense he ordered that those 4 should be killed by not allowing them to protect themselves or to be protected. What about his self implemented law that now clears the way for him to order the execution of any American that HE feels is a danger to the country or may be committing treason according to HIS rules. Video: Ron Paul to Obama, Don’t assassinate Americans!
        Being the president of the USA does not grant him the right to murder people. Being a civilian of the USA does grant Devin the right to defend himself according to the 2nd Amendment. I echo your sentiments, who is the one who should be fired?

    • You are absolutely correct in your statement that being a Veteran does not give you the right to break the rules. That right was granted by someone intending to harm another. I have been on both sides of a gun and I believe he took the correct action as well as delivered the results without an innocent being harmed. Former SSGT Young USMC.

    • It’s not like he was packing while he was working. A life and death situation arose, he left the premises to retrieve his personal weapon to defend the life of his manager and he had the courage to stand up putting his own life in jeopardy and do the right thing. There are always circumstances that arise outside the scope of the reasoning for rules thereby allowing for leeway in response to those circumstances. There is absolutely NO reason for them to take such a stance in light of them. My guess is that the final decision was made by an anti-gun liberal who would’ve been please as punch to see Devin had he been the one on the other side of the barrel of a bad guy’s gun.

    • Once again, another “letter of the law outweighing the spirit of the law” person. Ever wonder why things have changed in the last twenty years? Used to be “peace officers” now they are “law enforcement officials”. If you don’t understand and are angered by this difference I truly hope you never stray outside of your little black and white world with those rose colored glasses you wear.

    • omfg, This was armed robbery, what’s up with all the AZ fanboys? Someone has a gun in your managers face and your trying to locate the employee manual to see what corporate policy is on these situations??All this situation did was reinforce to me the amount of idiots that we have today.
      This was a deadly force situation the guys action was spot on. Easy to isolate yourself and say “he broke the rules…blah blah” had his manager been gun downed in cold blood and then McClean said he could have stopped it, but he was afraid if getting fired, what kind of person would you think he was then?
      Schools have the same policy, so I guess if some student or teacher went out and got a gun out of their car and saved all those kids in Sandy Hook, they should be fired too.
      When it comes to saving life there is only one rule, you do it.
      I’m not worried about this there is no question about some high profile lawyer researching this now on behalf of the kid, doesn’t matter if the kid violated company policy or not, between the costs of litigation, bad publicity and Autozone fearing the results of a jury trial. Devon will come out pretty sweet on this deal.

    • Really bud?

      Rules are there for a reason, and he was following them until a possible LIFE OR DEATH situation occured, in which there are no “rules”. Do you think the robber would have honored the laws or “RULES”?

      When a matter of imminent danger comes there is a fight of flight response that we all naturally have. Obviously yours is “FLIGHT”.

      Personally I would have done the exact same thing as Devin.

      Just some words of wisdom for you, Company Policy helps keep you safe from “work related accidents” but it does nothing to protect you or anyone else from an outside non-work related incident like this.

      Company Policy won’t keep you or your friends, family, innocent people alive when there is a mad man on the loose, just like gun control won’t protect law abiding citizens from criminals.

  2. I see a huge difference here. Autozone’s policy is for having weapons on property. The Veteran did not keep his weapon inside the store. He brought it in to save a life. I can see their case if the weapon had been kept in the Veteran’s locker *inside* the store. Perhaps the policy’s enforcement was a bit rigid and heavy-handed? Might corporate revisit exceptions to the rule? One would hope so.

  3. Another example of defending something you despise liberals for. They call them rules for a reason. His status as a vet has nothing to do with it. Strong arm companies when it suits our fancy but then go after others with both barrels for something we find worthy of infringing on capitalism. Keyboard commandos is all you people are turning into.

    • How many clerks have been killed because of the policy: “INSURANCE WILL PAY FOR THE LOSS.”
      Have you ever seen or heard of how much is paid to the clerks’ families for ‘doing’ just what they were told to do? And they wonder why there are so many pos on the street, EASY MONEY and no chance for being hurt.

    • So I guess it is ok if this man or his manager were killed by the robber? I guess he has no right to defend himself? Have you ever been put into a situation where your life may have been on the line? This young man saved the lives of himself and everyone in that store. I applaud him.

  4. I like the keyboard commando. Might have to use that myself soon. I think the situation is mixed. The Autozone policy is there for a reason, and is passed to everyone. He knew that when he acted. Not saying it’s the right decision on Autozone’s part to fire him, and I think the negative publicity will hurt Autozone in the long run. I don’t think his veteran status is even an issue here. He did what was right and dealt with the consequences. Good for him, and I hope someone sees a truly good person and hires him!

      • If you want what the Zone has, in my opinion as a professional auto technician with over 40 years experience, your standards for quality are non-existent. In addition to that, I don’t shop at free-shooting-for-criminals stores. Thanks, Devin, for doing the right thing.

        • Agreed Paul, I only go to autozone for “quick” fixes when I can’t get the part I need right away and replace it as soon as I possibly can with a quality part.

  5. @Nailz – There is a disconnect here in what and why. The problem is that an American Citizen ethnically stood up to an attacker and saved someones life. Our legal system would ordinarily say that he was not required to do so but this individual felt with his training and background that he had a moral (and therefor under the law legal) responsibility to act. He was fired for acting and saving someones life in the store because of how he acted. WE as a community of veterans are calling for action by this community to stand beside this veteran because there has been an ethical error on the part of Autozone. Our standing up for him as a veteran as veterans is the same as someone’s family writing letters on their behalf because they are family.

    • I for one will not be boycotting the store simply because they fired a man for breaking the rules. We dont have to like the rules but we do have to play by them. I am all about defending myself and others should the need arise however, I am not going to get my ass all chapped because I got canned for breaking the rules. He knew what the rules were since he left the gun outside in the first place.

      This is a lot like the situations that we all faced in the military. There were always rules we didnt like but we did our best to live by them. On occasion we may have even broken the rules but we knew that we could and likely would get busted for breaking said rules.

        • How many store clerks have been killed for what little cash they had in the drawer. and was complying with the demands, see it on video all the time,, the ones that live are the ones that fight back. The only rule he broke was defending himself when the company is more worried about a law suit from a criminal for getting shot !! That’s what it comes down to. Stupid lawyers tying up the legal system for criminals so called rights to rob people.. Guess you believe in that too..

      • @ asimonsays…. In the military you have ALWAYS had the right to defend yourself up to and including lethal force. Your logic is flawed because you are not the one in the same situation. If you had been, i’m sure you wouldn’t be taking it half as good as this young hero has.

      • I agree there are rules that we all do not like.If people do not voice their opinions about bad ones then they do not get changed.I Will Boycott Autozone until they make this right.To say he is a Veteran and he does not think rules apply to him is a smack in the face to our military.I have a son who serves and was at an airport and had 2 guys say that very same thing to him.He saw a lady needing help with her children and bags.The guys with your attitude would not help her.He sat his bags down and helped the lady.When he turned around to get back in line they said,”You shouldn,t have helped her” Military guys think they can do whatever they want..He had to get in the back of the line because they had moved past his bags.My son and Devin volunteered to serve in our military.Hopefully as long as we have volunteers we won’t have to ever have a draft.When you are military you take up for each other and have each others back.It is a disgrace that you would say this about your own.It is in your Creed.

      • So, if someone passed a rule that you had to shoot unarmed POWs, would you have ‘done the best you could’ to live with such a rule? I stood up and said something about DANGEROUS or just WRONG rules. Oh, yeah, in the Military if someone shows a weapon (as the criminal did) then they have exercised DEADLY FORCE (Yes, legally, just SHOWING the weapon is exercising Deadly Force) then returning the favor is allowed and required. When did the MEN AND WOMEN of this nation turn into such COWARDS?

      • See, you do not know what you’;re talking about. It’s the people who are upset about the firing, not Devin. He is being asked to talk about the robbery. He is doing interviews because people are calling and asking him to. They are reaching out to him, not him reaching out to them. He has never complained about getting fired. He accepts that they did what they thought was right. Does he agree with them? Of course not. He believes life comes before policy. But he accepts their decision and his “ass is not chapped by it”.

      • I suppose you would try to “reason” with the robber too instead of meeting force with force, or disabling them. And you still don’t seem to be able to think beyond “rules”. You probably keep a work manual in your back pocket eager to cite others for breaking rules. He did what he thought was necessary, and prior to Devon being fired I bet that robber would have thought twice before trying to rob that store a third time. Pull your head out of your 4th point of contact.

      • I boycott you (Asimonsays) and Autozone.

        You are a spineless douche monster, and from the sounds of it a dirty stinking liberal who would suck Obama’s dick until it turned white if you got the chance.

  6. Sadly the logic involved here is this – the corporation world would rather take the loss from a robbery which is covered by their insurance anyways then to risk a lawsuit as a result of a shooting in their store by an employee. It’s all about the money and not the principle. My hope is that the vet gets offered a much better job by an employer that hears of this story and wants to hire such and outstanding individual.

  7. In the south, we would have just dropped his fat butt, and let the coroner haul them away. If you’re gonna be dumb you better be tough, if you’re gonna be stupid you better be bulletproof… We don’t play that down here, You point a gun at someone you better kill em, chances are they will kill you if you don’t…. Maybe he could have ambushed the guy outside but what’s to say he wouldn’t have killed the manager first….

    I am an AF veteran I have two gun permits and I carry every day when I am in the US…. Currently in Mexico serving in missions but when I return home, Lucy (one of my glocks) will be greeting me in the Airport Parking lot…. It is different NOT carrying everyday, however the general populous doesn’t have guns in Mexico so it’s actually safer here…. Verses the US where you have all kinds of idiots running around with guns that have no self control or are up to no good….

    • i would be proud to call this man my friend he followed the rules by keeping his weapon outside in his vehicle and by doing this and possibly saving a life he got fired Auto Zone should be ashamed of themselves!!!!!!

      • As with many places the paeking lot is still considered “store” yes these and many othr companys have these same rules, becouse of the rights of the would be robbers. Well when are we going to do something about the inocent peoples rights ?If lawyers worked as hard to protect inocent as they do protecting criminals we wouldnt have the crime rates as we do.
        This young man “veteran or not ” is a welcome sight for us who care about our familly more than the rules.
        Maybe if lawyers offices were robbed like stores were laws would quickly change. they arent in same situation but yet push for laws to be passed????????? Hmmmm that doesnt make sence does it?

  8. This guy got fired for not being a politician and got axed–end of story.
    Why would he carry a weapon in his vehicle? Could it be because this guy had already robbed the store before and he felt threatened?
    I think most Americans with a backbone would have done this, veteran or not. The company doesn’t want to promote self defense and encourage its employees to go rogue.
    He had a right to defend his life against an armed assailant. AutoZone will feel the affects short-term, but will return to normal once people forget this story. That’s the sad part.

    • The current government administration doesn’t want to promote self defense or us being able to protect ourselves because they are the ones attacking us, so of course like all robbers they want us to be unarmed, it makes their job easier. Autozone is just enabling this and also just openly broadcasted that “You’re welcome to come in and steal our money and kill our employees. They won’t fight back and if they do we’ll fire them so you can come back and rob us again.”

  9. Common sense isn’t so common anymore. Tsk! I wonder if it was a higher up that did the same, would they fire him too for an act of bravery?

  10. So you have a armed gun man come into your exec offices what is our policy call your security guards with guns to remove the person? So your manager had an armed gun man come into his office and his self appointed security decided his life was worth saving for his family slipped out to his private property armed himself to protect his boss and your property for that you fired him – this falls in line with the company that fire the lifeguard for save a live just outside the line of the company’s responsiblity and just as sadly a poor reflect on a formerly good name as Auto Zone had. Unfortunately it is MUCH HARDER to restore a good name than losing it over misjudgement like this.

    Former Auto Zone Customer
    Kathy Faye Angel

  11. We have a great Auto Zone here .. But I won’t go there anymore. Since it is now common knowledge that they won’t defend themselves, I don’t want to be in their store when next thug comes to get the free money.

  12. You can knock on AutoZone all you want, but upon hiring most places have a strict policy against such actions as they feel it could only make the problem worse, and for good reasons. I work in a restaurant that has a similar policy, and when I had a job in high school we were robbed at gun point, at the time I wish there was something I could have done about it but most times the criminal has no intent of using the weapon, if they do they usually don’t wait. You can’t pick and choose which policies you think are fair, you know what they are upon employment and if you violate those policies you should not be exempt from the consequences regardless of being a veteran or not. This has nothing to do with the individual’s veteran status and simply about company policy, end of story- get over it.

    • Wow, good thing you are a mind reader and can predict the actions of others. Too bad you weren’t working at Autozone that day. You could have read his aura and known whether or not he would shoot.

      Unfortunately, most of us are not telepathic, and have to rely on peoples actions to deduce their intent.

      Fortunately for his manager, Devin didn’t just “wish there was something he could do”, he took decisive action and likely saved a life

  13. Maybe if a CEO gets shot in his fat head, they will change their point of view. And Eben, we will remember that when the barrel of a gun is stuck to your stupid forehead. Guess we will have to just pass on by. The “rules” you know. I’m sure your widow would be appreciative.

  14. I’m bothered by his claim to be a veteran. I know some people that say they were just because it makes them seem like heros or something. I saw an interview on the NRA web site and he did say he was in the Air Force. But the interviewer just blew right by that. I think if he really is a veteran they would make a big deal out of that, but they didn’t. Can you find out if it’s true?

  15. Eben – I am 100% behind you! He knew what the rules were and he make a choice to ignore them. Being a vet doesn’t excuse you from following those rules in place. Those posting otherwise are in that expanding group that feel that “rules” are for others and if they feel the need to break those rules they will do so and should be excused from the ramifications. Sorry, but in a law abiding society, it doesn’t work that way.

    • Sorry to disagree police officers, firefighters, emt all break the rules in order to save a life. Sometime they even break ribs and sometimes people get hurt but lives are saved.

    • Wow you are a brave man!To be able to type on a page where no one knows who you are.Make a statement like that about one of our veterans.You have never walked in a soldiers boots.You have no idea what they go through.If you did you would respect them.They give up so much of their freedom once they join.Their lives are never the same.You have no clue.Unfortunately some of our soldiers have come back with physical and mental problems from what they have seen.Or they have not come back at all.Or their brothers and sisters that they bonded with through their military journey did not make it back to the states with them.I challenge you to go to a military facility where our wounded soldiers now live.Unable to go home to the lives they once knew.18 years old and up and tell them they think they can just break rules.I am here to tell you right now”We are a big family” you can support us and have us on your side or disgrace us and this Family will fight back!!!

  16. Then may I suggest that you shop by mail from now on because ALMOST EVERY physical store has pretty much thesame rules for thier employees. These may or may not be the same for customers but pretty much every place I have worked in my 40+ years on the job do NOT allow the carry or possession of a firearm while on duty so you will be running out of places to shop pretty quickly.

  17. As and employee of a similar establishment I am happy to say that we do not have such polycies as several of us have concealed permits and a few carry We have been robbed once It dosent matter if you are armed or not if you can save a live by anymeans neccesary then I feel you are obligated to so to morally I am a veteran and I have fought and will continue to fight for others Dispite thier feelings of what I am or represent Instead of worring about policies that are clearly based on the all mighty pocketbook They should thank the young man for a job well done . Sorry if you dont feel the same way but that is the freedom you have due to young men and women such as he .

    • Thank you for your support in trying to defend Devin. As his aunt, I can tell you that Devin did know the company policy about guns in the workplace which is why he kept his weapon in his truck and not on his person while on the job. He also believes that life is more important than a company policy. To this day, it does not bother him that he got fired. He knows that got himself fired for a good cause. He went back for his friend because he can never leave a man behind. That’s a creed he proudly lives and no policy will ever keep him from protecting a persons life.

  18. I agree with the opinions. They chose political correctness over the value of life. Working in the unemployment industry I can say that they could have chosen to make an exception to this so called rule which I highly doubt the new rule was in place. Never shopping at Auto Zone again…

  19. Devin,
    First and foremost, thank you for your service. I am a former infantry soldier so it always makes me proud to see someone step up and do what they need to do, instead of being like our useless president and apologizing for everything, and not doing what needs to be done. I used to shop at Autozone, but I will make sure that neither I nor any of my family do business with them any longer. Well done on having the balls to step up against that coward. There’s nothing worse than a thief. Get some. HOOAAHH!…..If it had been me, double tap. Good luck, my brother.

  20. He put possibly saving peoples lives over the rules. Sounds like this vet knew his priorities and acted on them. I wish more people were as responsible. I hope he has no trouble getting a job with a more appreciative employer.

  21. People who talk about rules would be singing a different tune if they were on the wrong end of the gun. I’m a veteran and a victim of home invasion, and I’m a firm supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I will no longer shop at AutoZone, and I’ll be passing this along to my friends and others.

  22. Everyone’s bemoaning this vet losing his job, blaming corporate– yet not one person has yet thought to hire the young man or twig a vet friendly company to his firing and the circumstances.
    Instead of making this about AutoZone, why not make it about getting the young man a new job, where they appreciate his bravery and prior service instead?
    Start networking folks!

      • icolleeni, thank you for coming here to defend Devin. As we told the guy that came here to start trouble, we had no reason to believe he was lying about his service. Some people just do not get it and want to label everyone a liar. I spoke to his uncle via email, and I am awaiting Devin to contact me. Once he does I am sure we can find him a job.

  23. If thats how you feel then I would sure like to see you volunteer to place the dead manager in a body bag and be the one to notify his family that their father and husband died tonight all because of a stupid store policy that goes ahead of someones life. This is called ignorance. Veteran or not its a responsibility as an American to protect others whether is using the right to bear arms or protecting in other ways.

  24. “Fools over rules….” Sure there are rules – but those must be broken when the situation makes it necessary. There are rules about stopping at stoplights, but if a carjacker threatens us, run the light! If I’m having a heart attack, do I want my driver to obey all speed limits and other rules? Hell, no! Common sense overrules. This old vet won’t be shopping at Autozone……

  25. I live in a small Missouri town. All my automotive needs, whether car, truck and yes my Harley have been purchased in Auto Zone. NO MORE………………..

  26. The rule was to not carry while on the job. he left his job and returned as a citizen and intervened in an armed assault. Their ZT policy did not calculate these circumstance. They don’t want guns “behind” the counter. They did not even properly apply their policy.


    Did anybody actually LISTEN to the interviews????????

    Do you think for one minute that there would have been NO MENTION OF THAT SO-CALLED FACT if he really was one??? Especially on FOX????????

    I can’t believe that on this of ALL sites, he hasn’t been busted for that lie, which he ONLY said to the guy in the NRA interview, when he very casually mentioned his “time in the Air Force”. And THAT GUY blew right past it….he knew what was up, all right.

    “Guardians of Valor”, my eye.

    Devin McNot-So-Clean’s story belongs on the “FAKER” page- but instead you and a million other sites are just spreadin’ the lie, and insulting ALL REAL MILITARY, past and present.


    • So in your eyes, we should automatically assume EVERYONE is lying? Sounds like someone is disgruntled about something! Sorry but we do not automatically assume everyone is lying about serving. Did he claim to be some bad ass SF guy with 40 combat missions and a HELO jump into Somalia? No he did not, so I have no reason to go digging up his background just because he said he was in the Airforce. If you want to feel free, other wise quit being a troll!

      • I certainly do expect you to check such a claim out- isn’t that what you say this site is for?

        How do you think guys like the ones you have posted on that “wall of shame” get away with their fake stories?

        Nobody checks them out, that’s how.

        If you’re all you claim to be, it should be easy for you to find the truth.

        That is, IF you care at this point, having gone to so much effort to blow this story into more than it probably is.

        • LMAO..first off WE did not blow this story up, we put it up three days after Fox and Huffington post. Second, the ones on our wall did a hell of a lot more than just say “I was in the AirForce”. If we investigated every person that verbally claimed something, we would never get anything done! So again, stop trolling as you do not seem to know what the term Stolen Valor really means anyway.

          • This American thinks “Stolen Valor” means pretending to be in the military to make folks think you’re a hero.

            Sometimes you get money out of it, and if you’re really lucky , no one will check your story and bingo! Overnight internet fame!

            And per your “references”:

            You obviously STILL haven’t taken the time to read/listen to the very sources you rely on.

            Neither the Huff Post Interview/article nor the Fox update you posted says ONE WORD about this schmo being a veteran, so don’t blame them for your gullibility.

      • I am Devin’s aunt. What kind of proof do you need? His mother (deceased) was my sister and served in the Air Force. His father recently retired from the Air Force. His sister just joined the Army this fall. If you wish to look up his military record, be sure to spell his name correctly, it’s Devin McLean.

    • Only idiot here is you. I was in the Army, a combat engineer with one deployment to Kuwait you want to call me a liar too? You also need to pull your head out of your 4th point of contact.

      • chickeneyed, If you believe Devin to be a liar, then why don’t YOU prove it. At the same time, maybe you should prove that you can talk from experience also.

  28. HEY!

    We finally found your “Reliable Source”


    Except that evidently, at least for you, the headline is the whole story.

    You DO realize that that’s the same headline that was up two days ago, right after the NRA interview, right? Where Our Hero’s first and only mention of his “career in the Air Force” was mentioned, and which Fox had the article up about?

    Well, that article is gone now…all that remains is the video posted update above which you STILL haven’t bothered to watch, right?

    ‘Cause if you had, you’d know enough to at least suspect the truth yourself. I guess that would be inconvenient for you- not your job to check the facts out before you line up behind a self-proclaimed Military Veteran Hero-type Person, I s’pose.

    Because everything you need to know is right there in that 100% proofread and backed up by the story headline…right?

    I’m seriously disillusioned with this site right now- and to think when I first started following it a while back I actually sent a link to my Navy Seal Cousin! The first thing I did when I heard this story was come here and look for you to check and make sure Our Hero is what he said he is when he talked to the NRA.

    But no.

    I guess the guy I really need to talk to is my Cousin- I’m sure HE’LL care about getting at the truth.

    I won’t trouble you again.

    • You are what is wrong with the world today, you automatically assume everyone is lying. I have no reason to believe he lied about being in the Air Force. Now if someone contacted me and said “Hey I know that guy, he never served he is lying” then that would give me a reason. But NO ONE has come forward to discredit his service, sorry you think EVERYONE lies. He has not claimed anything other than he was in the Air Force at one time, and just because no one asked him about his service, you ASSUME he lied? Sorry but that is NOT how we operate, that is called a witch hunt sir, and we are not witch hunters. If we operated that way, then we would be attacking real, honorable veterans. And we will not go on a witch hunt just because you come here and assume because no one asked about his service that he lied. You are trolling, trying to cause problems where their are none, get a life and quit assuming everyone lies about serving. Because I assure you WE have more experience in this than you do, and we, at this point have no reason to believe this young man lied. It takes time and resources to look up info on just one person, and no reason has been given to do that. NUFF SAID!!!

    • Wow, who do you even think you are to come on this website and make comments like this. These people work their asses off with this stuff and you come here and demand some shit like you are all holier than thou. I agree, it is people like you that are what is wrong! You are assuming this kid is lying, so you start calling him a liar online, you do know that is prosecutable in court as libel?? Especially when you have nothing to back up your claim except, no one asked him about it. You are pathetic, and I for one am glad they do not conduct themselves in such a manner. As that would be seen as a witch hunt. I have some other things I would like to say, but I will keep it civil because I respect this site and what it stands for!

      • Here’s your reliable source. I’m Devin’s aunt. He served in the United States Air Force. You’re forgiven for being a damned fool. Devin is a good and honorable man and he would want me to not hold resentment towards you for trying to smear his name. Now quit your childish tantrums, man, admit your mistake and apologize or continue to be a pile of chicken droppings. Your choice.

    • Here’s an idea. Maybe the reason he hasn’t stamped “I’m an Air Force Veteran” on his forehead in these interviews, is because he doesn’t want his status AS a veteran to be made into a big deal. Maybe, he’s a humble person, I know something very rare in this day and age. Maybe he isn’t a veteran. Who cares? If he says he’s a veteran, and his aunt says he’s a veteran, who am I to question or judge? You don’t see me or anyone else asking for your cousin’s list of credentials and proof of being a Navy SEAL. I simply say thank you to your cousin for being dedicated enough to become a Navy SEAL, that is no easy task. In my time in the military, I have worked with quite a few SEALs and other Special Forces operators, and know that it takes an intense amount of dedication to become such a highly trained individual. On that same note, I would like to thank Devin for his service as well. Anyone who joins the military, any branch, makes a huge sacrifice, and I applaud them for their choice. The point is, his status as a veteran has nothing to do with this situation, which could be another reason it isn’t being plastered all over the headlines. He acted as a civilian in a way that many people, including some service members, would not have the courage to act. I have been in combat more times than I can count, but I still have no clue how I would react in a situation like the one Devin was placed in. He acted valiantly, and with no regard for his own safety. With those facts lined up, I don’t care if he is prior service, special forces, or CIA, he is a hero in his own right and you should praise him, not question his comments. Hate mongers and childish idiots like you are the reason the military is viewed in such a poor light, you should be ashamed, chickeneyed.

    • And do what, idiot? Wait for the cops to get there 10 minutes later…after the manager was dead. Not wasting the time for that 1 or 2 minute phone call is what saved the manager’s life.

      Normal police response time to an emergency call – 10 minutes. Speed of a bullet – 650 feet per second…or faster.

      • The police had been called the other 30+ times this robber had robbed a business. Calling the police did not matter. Each and every time, they arrived too late. Devin saw a chance to defend his boss (who is also his friend) and protect the store and possibly stop this robber for once and for all. His military training kicked in. He lives the creed, leave no man behind. The “kid”, no, the man knew exactly what he was doing. There was a lot of thought going on in his head. More than you had writing your comment. He thought about the first time this fake beard bandit had robbed his store, he thought about his boss in there alone, he thought about his soon to be born son, he thought about the all the other victims of this robber and he thought about what the Air Force had taught him. How do I know this? Because I am his aunt and it’s what he told me in the phone call he made to me just hours after the attempted robbery. Never presume to know what goes on in a person’s mind. Especially when you react from lack of compassion and lack of thinking. I’m sure had the robber shot him, you would be one of the people snickering and saying, “serves him right”.I feel sad for you because you do not even understand that he does not care that he lost his job. He cares that he did the right thing by standing up to a bad guy and doing what he had been trained to do. He protected a human being, a fellow American and a friend. He might be ex Air Force but that training has never left him and most likely never will.

        • I always assumed people had the same respect as I have always had for our military.I found out the hard way that some do not.The snickering you wrote about is exactly what happened to my son.I wrote earlier about his run in with two guys in an airport .Until you sign up for our military and go through what they go through you are considered ignorant.All our soldiers in active,reserves,honorable discharged,and our soldiers who have served and are back in civilian life, live by a Creed.Once they swear in they join their military family.They live by that Creed and what it stands for for the rest of their lives.It is the ignorant and disrespectful that try to take that away from them.What people need to ask themselves is”What is the reason I never signed up?”

  29. About the video. Devin’s answer to Greta’s question about permission to have the gun should have been: ‘Yes, it’s called the 2nd Amendment’. A refresher on it:
    , the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed’.

  30. Did anyone catch where Autozone reps said it was “a new gun policy”? If the store had not put that out, and Devin not signed or acknowledged that he read it… he shouldn’t have been fired. Besides the fact that the gun was in his POV.

    Also, who cares if he was in the Air Force or not… he saved lives and assets (albeit for a piss poor company) Air Force might have instilled the duty to protect, but if he wasn’t enlisted, he did more than most shitbags out there would do.

  31. The way I see it, Devin only made one mistake, he yelled for the perp to “freeze” and to “Stop, down the weapon” Personally, and within the rules of the law, I would of just shot the guy.

    The bad guy was brandishing a weapon, threatening a fellow human being, and had a history of armed robberies. That right there is justification for self defense or the defense of others.

    At any rate, as for Autozone, I will not shop there ever again.

  32. In the military, what happens when rules are disobeyed, consequences, whether it be disciplinary action, or at worst discharge. The same thing happened to this Vet, but just at Autozone. What he did was irresponsible, grabbing his gun could have resulted in a dead manager then a fire fight with the bandit, and other possible casualties. Big companies have no gun policies, because their assets are insured and they care about they’re employees life. If he wasn’t fired for breaking a company policy, then the rules mean nothing. He is lucky it ended the way it did, and he still has his life.

  33. He was not breaking the policy until AFTER the ARMED Rober had already entered the store. I think a company should be pround to have an employee willing to risk their lives for other employees. If he would not have done so, he and his suppervisor may have been killed. THEN “Auto Zone” would really be paying the money out to their families. He saved “Auto Zone” a lot of money and headaches.

    The people critisizing this have never been through any cituation like this. Corporate Office sit behind their big desk, behind a closed door and have their secretary screen their visitors. If someone would walk into their office they would probly crawl under their desk and cry for MOMMY!!

    I have been a law enforcement officer for 22 years and commend the employee. When someone’s life is at risk and during such extravagant circumstances, then the store policies go out the window.

    The store may also refuse service to any person entering with a firearm. Do you think the robber would listen when they told him that policy?

    • It seems to me that if you were a law enforment agent then you would know that law enforcement agencies and the FBI give the following advice:

      Bank Robbery Heroes

      Every law enforcement official will tell you the same thing: the most heroic act you should take in a bank robbery is noticing any details about the robber. You should not try to stop the robbery by force. Keep in mind that an increasing number of bank robbers are using powerful drugs (cocaine and methamphetamine) during the time of the robbery. You don’t want to take chances with an intoxicated person in a desperate situation – it’s simply not worth all of the money in the world.

      Here is the link:

  34. Google “What to do in a robbery.” Then ask yourself, why would Autozone ignore this advice from law enforcement agencies? They don’t, and neither do any of their competitors…they do not allow employees to confront armed robbers. It occasionally ends in suicide for every employee there. Not good business, and is frowned upon by the law enforcement community. I thought the people on these websites were fans of business and law enforcement?

  35. why dont you post for the robbers like the 2 that shot the clerk 3 days before when he gave them the money and they shot him in the back while they were leaveing the store while he was STILL ON HIS KNEES ON THE FLOOR !!!!!

    • Also, the robbery was only 2 towns away from the AutoZone Devin worked at. As stated, that man complied and was shot and killed anyway. Devon confronted the fake beard robber and did not even have to fire a shot. As it is in a lot of real life robberies (not the movie robberies that some script writer dreamed up), this robber is a coward, a chickeneyed little coward. He ran like a scared girl. 0 injuries – 0 deaths. Well done Devin!.

  36. for your info chickeneye lil chicken shithead Devin did server in the Air Force and his mother and Farther both serverd in the Air force his Mother died in Germany while in the Air force when he was 3 yrs old and his sister is in Boot Camp right now in the Army and how do i know this i’m his uncle and i did my time in the Army Thank You very much

  37. I know Sheriff Danny Diggs and he’s is a good man and a Virginia Gentleman, I would expect nothing less from him.

  38. you are totally correct… his veteran status has nothing to do with it…. and as far as the company policy goes… EVERY company policy I have read that deals with weapons being taken on to company property have been to dael with issues of EMPLOYEE violence, NOT protecting yourself or other employees from an armed robber. Autozone’s policy is justifiable and (unfortunatly) sometimes needed but, any intelligent, person knows there are acceptions to EVERY rule and common sense is required BEFORE implimentation of any disciplinary action is taken. I think this man is a true hero, someone to look up to and admire. The individuals who whine and moan about, follow the rules, rules are rules good or bad and just need to be followed are just your average everyday citizens who have the common sense of a rock. Think it over people. Oh and by the way… you DON’T have to follow EVERY rule in the military. Fortunatly those who decide punishment for breaking rules in the military can (and most times do) excercise COMMON SENSE!! Also the individual who is given an order has that same priviledge of excercising there own common sense, weather or not an order is lawful, moral, and leagal.

  39. How can you say that? If your dad was the manager and some employee broke a rule to save his life you would still fire that employee? I know where your going after death…. DOWN DOWN DOWN. So sad. I wish you the best of luck in life and just remember KARMA will get you.

  40. Autozone you have lost my entire familie’s business and will spread the word about this to as many friends as I can. Your company needs to do an about face!

  41. If I had been in Devin’s position, I would like to believe that I would have done the same thing. (You don’t know until you’re in that position) But Rules be damned, he considered his co-workers and his bosses to be his family so he felt the need to protect them. Devin did the right thing.

  42. This is what I posted on autozones page:

    I come from a very famous automotive family, and was sickened by firing a person who served in combat in our military. Well, needless to say, there won’t be any more business sent your way, by those I advise or care about. If and when you let this person work for you again, it should be a grand reenterence, you have shamed the nation, and I hope someone better steps in to hire a hero. You have God to answer for, all involved, and I doubt luck will play apart of that day.

    And I added: Please inform all officers of the law about your policy, so that they too can enter without their weapons, as they were trained far less then a combat veteran was.

    • Hi Donna, thank you so much for your support of my nephew Devin, I feel obligated to inform you that Devin never served in combat. Devin would like to make sure that only the facts about himself be promoted. He joined the air force but he never left the USA. There was an article on the internet that made the claim that he had fought in Afghanistan, he wrote the author the same day the article was posted and had him remove that bit. Perhaps you saw that article and that’s why you believe he fought in combat. Whether he saw action or not is really not the core of the story. It’s the fact that he was brave enough to step up to the plate and face down an armed robber and scared him away from his boss and the store. Even though the air force had taught him to leave no man behind, I know he would have done the same whether he had military training or not. This is just who Devin is. Life comes first. Policies be damned. Thanks again for your support.

  43. To flee a building being robbed is something most would do… To return to save your coworkers, knowing it may very well be the last thing you do, is something only a few would do. Sierra Hotel to the warrior who valued the lives of his coworkers above his own.

    Autozone: $%^&*() You, and the horse you rode in on!

  44. wow autozone your a f%*&$ joke.. no one can seem to relise that taking guns away from the good guys is not going to save them.. and second of all why the hell are you going to fire a vet that has this type of training stuck in his head for life?? auto zone just lost a customer

  45. Well, the one post that PISSED ME OFF was the “he didn’t follow the rules” post… The rules could have gotten him or a co worker killed!!!! He should be commended, promoted, and given a week paid vacation to his choice of destination!… Maybe if it were YOU, with a gun pointed in your face not sure of the outcome, your attitude would be different…. You say that it wouldn’t, but trust me (as someone who has stared down the barrel of a gun) those karate movie stunts and tough guy “grab the gun” moments DON’T HAPPEN like they do in the movies!!!… I would hire this guy in a minute!!!!!! and i am sure someone will!!!. 3 words to close… FUCK AUTO ZONE!!!!

  46. I guess it’s easier for autozone to write a condolence letter than a congratulations letter. Where are autozones values. Check auto zone off my auto parts storme. Semper Fi. Good job airman, good job.

  47. Hm, no updates since December. Do we know if he has a job, if AutoZone has responded, or what? I’m curious to know if anything has happened in this case.

    • Hi, I’m Devin’s aunt. Here’s an update. He became a first time dad on Dec. 25,2012 when his son was born. A few weeks before he had been hired on with a private construction company as a concrete cutter. The job however only lasted until about 2 weeks ago. Winter is a tough time in the construction industry. He is back to repairing cars for people who can not afford to have their car fixed at a garage. Of course this is not steady work and he is out looking for full time employment in between car repairs. AutoZone has never reached out to make any kind of statement. They continue to be silent even as more of their stores get robbed, with one of the robberies resulting in the death of a clerk who did comply and handed over the money. So that’s about it. The plus side to not being employed full time is that he gets to spend a lot of time with his son which makes him happy and gives him a bright spot to over take some of the worry about money. I have a feeling that in the end, everything will work out. He’s young and bright. He should get hired by someone. Thanks for your support!

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