Art Medina, The Marine Deserter, Apologizes On Camera. Still No Sign Of Donated Money














I have heard the story too many times, “I’m sorry, I don’t know why I did it.”.  But it’s always after they get caught, as is the case with Art Medina. Last week, Elias posted our investigative findings on Art Medina (Click link to view original article)  and it told a whole different story than Medina had been telling the people around Redwood, California and surrounding areas.

Within a few hours he was removed as the NFL’s military liaison, and I received an email from a reporter we are very familiar with, Dan Noyes. Dan said he had apologized to him over the phone, and Dan refused the apology and said he would only take it on camera. Below is his interview with Medina, and Medina’s “apology”. We still have no answer as to where the money is, or when it will be donated.




This is not the end of this story, we are continuing to follow up as is Mr. Noyes. ~Bulldog1






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