Army Vs Marines Argument Ends In Murder, Suspect Says He Was Doing What The Army Taught Him






William Cunningham (Murder Suspect)



Billings Montana – William Earl Cunningham got into an argument with Nathaniel Horn over which branch of service was better, Army or Marines. With William claiming the Army was and Nathaniel siding with the Devil Dogs.

We decided to dig a little deeper as William claimed after he stabbed Horn, that he was only doing what the Army taught him to do.

Below is the full story courtesy of CBS News:

A Montana man who is charged in the throat-slashing death of another man told police they were arguing over which branch of the United States military was better, the Army or the Marines, Yellowstone County prosecutors said.

William Earl Cunningham, 63, of Laurel, made an initial appearance on a deliberate homicide in Justice Court. Justice of the Peace David Carter set his bail at $500,000 during Tuesday’s hearing.

Cunningham did not enter a plea in the death of Nathan Horn, 40, of Billings. He will be assigned a public defender.

Charging documents say Cunningham told police that he and Horn were arguing Saturday night when Horn jumped up and took a swing at him.

Cunningham told the officer he pushed Horn back and said, “Then I cut him . I did what the Army taught me to do.”

When officers arrived, Cunningham was leaning against a car and Horn was lying on the grass next to Cunningham’s feet. Horn had a cut on his right cheek and a deep cut on the left side of his neck.

Horn appeared to be gasping for breath as an officer applied pressure to the neck wound, court records said.

“I cut him. He’s dead,” Cunningham told police, according to charging documents. “The knife’s on the table.”

Horn was pronounced dead less than an hour later.

After Cunningham was read his rights, he told officers he and Horn were sitting at the picnic table when they began arguing about whether the Army or Marines was the best branch of the military, court records said.

Laurel Police Sgt. Mark Guy said Monday that the men had argued the night before about the same issue. It wasn’t clear if Horn had served in the military.

Lena Heller told KULR-TV that she had invited the two men over on Saturday night and they had been drinking when they started arguing.

“I think it’s horrible that somebody would just kill somebody for no reason, just because of an argument,” Heller said. “I know it was the alcohol.”

Cunningham’s blood-alcohol level was 0.217 percent, above the 0.08 limit at which a person is considered legally intoxicated, court records said.

We reached out to our contacts and got Mr. Cunningham’s official Military records, they are posted below. He did serve in the Army from 1971 through 1978 as a Construction and Utilities Specialist, Construction worker(51A and 51B back in the 1970’s), and a 64C(Light Vehicle Driver) at the end of his enlistment.




So yes he did serve, but no the Army didn’t teach him to attack and kill someone over branch rivalry.  Branch rivalry has always been and always will be a part of the Military lifestyle, we argue among-st ourselves when we have no common enemy. But on the battlefield, we are all brothers and sisters, that is how it has always been and always will be.


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14 comments on “Army Vs Marines Argument Ends In Murder, Suspect Says He Was Doing What The Army Taught Him
  1. Pure insanity. A guy takes a swing at you you respond in kind. You can disable a man temporarily as many Vets know how to do. You can duke it out, toe to toe. You can walk away. But to use a deadly weapon in response to a swing is cowardice.
    Semper Fi to all Veterans.
    US Army 65-68.
    Duty, Honor, Country.

    • Bill is correct,……………. When in a fox hole, I’d want a Marine with me if I can’t get more fellow soldiers, for that matter I’d take any fellow male or female vet to assist me in my duties…………….Sad lost of life by a drunk period!

  2. Little disappointed you are involving yourselves here. If I may offer my observation you are off task. I’m grateful for your efforts to expose frauds, posers and the like. This is different. You have mistaken the symptoms for the disease here. Two drunks arguing over which branch is better…? really? if they both had died that would have been the most desirable end state.
    This man is mentally ill. He committed murder (it appears). What does that have to do with your objectives of guarding Valor and exposing those that attempt to benefit from the heroic deeds of others?

    • Maybe if you read the story you would see, the MSM was trying to spin the part where he said he was doing what the Army taught him to. We provided his records to show that not to be true. We already have enough issue with PTSD Phobia, we don’t need something like this being used against Vets as well.

      • Maybe if you read and understand my comment you would see my point. This is not exposing fraud, These man are drunks, all you did was confirm that yes, this drunk once served. By confirming that, you reinforce the stereotype. Should have left this nonsense alone.

  3. First point, blaming the Army for your actions is wrong on so many levels and not a valid excuse.
    Second point, in Army and Marine Corp basic you are trained to kill. The silhouette at the rifle range is not a beer can. Im sure most of you will remember ” the purpose of a bayonet fighter is to KILL!”. I have no idea what the Navy or Air Force basis teaches you:)
    I am not saying this guy was an 11 Bravo capable soldier. But he was a soldier, possibly a poor excuse for one.
    Third point is his MOS has no bearing on his defense or his idiocy.
    And lastly being off point is the point of Freedom of speech. Something us VETERANS served to defend.

    US Army 65-68
    Duty, Honor, Country.

  4. I welcome the conversation. I’m not trying to pick an argument but Freedom of speech also means I can point out the fact that this was off task for this group and possibly an example of mission creep. It happens. I care about what you guys do which is why I’d hate to see it digress, Im still grateful to the members of this group that expose and punish men and woman that benefit personally while committing deliberate criminal fraud. That is a noble cause. Leave the drunks for tabloids and the like. I once worked in A level 1 trauma center for 7 years, do you all want to here about every single drunk, drug addict and head case I met there that blamed there irresponsible life choices and straight up fucking poor judgment on prior military “training”? It’s a tough life, get a helmet.

    Standards and discipline.

  5. Seth,
    I, for one will listen to anything reasonable you have to say off or on point.
    To quote you:
    “Freedom of speech also means I can point out the fact that this was off task for this group and possibly an example of mission creep.”
    Okay, fine. Your opinion, no problem.
    But to quote you again:
    “Should have left this NONSENSE alone.”
    What message does that comment send??
    Hmm………..just my opinion. No argument here.

    US Army 65-68
    Duty, Honor, Country

  6. i know Buddy, have for many years. This was about nothing more than two men drinking and revisiting an argument that started while drinking the night before. He has a heart of gold and will help ANYONE to a fault. And yes, he drinks himself into stupid. But one statement and the topic changes to the service and how it is affected. REALLY? He loves his years of service. HE WAS DRUNK……no excuse but it is the reason this happened.

  7. Poor choice of words on my part, Please accept my sincere apology. Much respect and love to all brothers and sisters. It’s not nonsense. Saddened and Embarrassed by the behavior of two drunks;
    any attention they get in the MSM perpetuates a stereotype often used to define all of us, unfairly. Sick of it.

    standards and discipline

  8. R.I.P Nate you were such a great guy with a huge heart, this is a senseless act and can’t believe it happened. I’m saddened to hear that a guy would just take the life of someone over a disagreement. I hope he gets life in prison for what he did and being intoxicated is no excuse what so ever so shame on those who think just being drunk is ok to murder someone, its an addiction he should have got help for, but now he can rot in the bed he made. You will be missed by many Nate!

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