Another WWII Veteran Dies From Brutal Mugging

WWII Veteran Lawrence Thornton with a photo of his late wife Mary and himself.

WWII Veteran Lawrence Thornton with a photo of his late wife Mary and himself.


Greenville, Mississippi- A few months ago, we reported on the brutal mugging and death of WWII Veteran Delbert Belton who had been robbed by two teens and later died from his injuries.

Well it has happened again, this time down in Mississippi. According to the DDTonline, 87 Year old WWII Veteran Lawrence E. ‘Shine’ Thornton, was attacked and robbed by four teenagers in his driveway.

Having served his country on a minesweeper in the Pacific theater during World War II, Thornton returned home to work for a local electric company and eventually opened a liquor store.

Mr. Thornton was also know in his local community  for his award-winning Maria’s Famous Hot Tamales, which he began cooking in 1984, named after his wife, Mary.

Tamale King

Tamale King

He was attacked by four teenagers in his driveway, they pushed him down, took his wallet and ran. He was airlifted to a medical facility, but succumbed a few days later due to head trauma.

Teens Charged In The Robbery And Murder

Teens Charged In The Robbery And Murder



Terrance Morgan and Edward Johnson, both 19, and Leslie Litt and Geblonski Murray, both 18, have been arrested for the violent death of Lawrence E. ‘Shine’ Thornton of Greenville, Mississippi on October 18.

Assistant police chief Andrew Kaho said that each of the teens were also charged with robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery.

They were initially being held without bond in the Washington County jail pending an initial court appearance but the judge then handed down bonds between $2million and $3million.

According to Southern Foodways, Shine entered the hot tamale business with a jerry-rigged recipe he got from a friend, and added his own spin to it.

Thornton earned his nickname Shine in high school when he began picking out the notes to ‘You are My Sunshine’ during the intermission of a performance.

Members of the band started calling him Sunshine and eventually shortened it to Shine, according to his obituary.

His sunny disposition was still with him as he grew older. According to the website he would sell his snacks out of the custom built kitchen in his home and sit with customers, often playing the fiddle to entertain his guests.

We would like to send the family our condolences on their loss, and thank Mr. Thornton for his service and sacrifice for our country. For someone to survive WWII, only to have his life taken by the very ones he fought for is appalling to say the least.


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  1. string them up,beat them fuckers the same way they did to him, an eye for eye, hell there is only one way to solve over crowding in prison’s a bullet to the head it will say us tax payers a hell of a lot of money and it will free up some space so we can put those damn molesters away for good!!! Anybody that kills anybody should be killed!!!

    • How come nobody tries to kill those two? MLK did great things for the colored community and he was assassinated. These guys do nothing but passively incite hate for white people. Like when they told people not to riot after the Zimmerman verdict……seriously wtf did they think would happen??

  2. Roger wtf is the matter with you. The Klan is the darkest part of America. They should be ran through a tree chipper the Klan that is.

  3. I would really just like to see worthless pieces of crap like this and the other two handed over to able body military men (marine’s preferably) since they believe they are big and bad by robbing elderly vets whose only “crime” was defending the rights of this country

    • You are right. BUT when we have people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson successfully race-hustiling the black community it will always be about race. the black community embraces them instead of lsitening to folks like Bill cosby Clarence Thomas and Thomas Sowell, who are derided as Uncle Toms.

      Ask yourself (not YOU you but everybody) this: why don’t we see these things in the Asian communities.?

      When we have 13% of the prison popluation match the 13% of the nation that is black instead of 35-39% then maybe we’ll make some headway.

      For me, it’s simply the disintegration of the family unit with many black men simply walking out or doing things that get them sent to prison. When the men in those families become accountable, then perhaps we’ll see how civilized our society can become.

  4. Take out prayer & discipline from schools and from parents, and you expect Good behavior?!? It is like getting pregnant & expecting a bird! MAKES NO SENSE!

  5. Do you see people?? Do you see what happens when it becomes a crime to properly discipline your children? I hope they all get the discipline they need in prison

  6. A bit of cruel irony is the notion that Mr. Thornton probably would have given them a helping hand if they had only asked politely. Now the alleged perps have ruined their own lives by taking away life from a member of one of our nations Greatest Generations, not to mention Mr. Thornton’s family and community too.

    How completely awful! What a tragic loss for us all.

    Rest easy shipmate…nor more turning-two…nothing but glass seas and eternal liberty call from here on out. BZ brother!

  7. I say exile them for life, to Afghanistan. Let the Taliban have them. They think they are so bad, let them survive against the terrorists/insurgents over there. They get to kill everyday, unless they die. Sorry for the direct nature of this comment, but that kind of cowardly act really (substitute favorite action here).

  8. Hey Admin…while I don’t delude myself into believing radical racism no longer exists, are the overtly racist comments by Ms. Brittany Lynn Wallace via the Facebook plugin the kind of comments we’re looking for within this site? Her hateful vitriol belongs within racist forums in my opinion. She never once discussed anything related to Mr. Thornton’s veteran status, or the military itself.

    If this is what we can expect to read within this forum, I’m pulling up my tent stakes and moving along. Please consider reviewing her comments for retraction/redaction.

    Most Sincerely,
    Brian A.

    • Brian, it is hard for me to monitor the thousands of comments we get daily. We enlist the help of the fans to bring these to our attention. Thanks I will check them out and if racist she will be banned from commenting here.

      • I understand. I guess it was just a little (i.e., a lot, rather) assuming on my part to think every entry was submitted was also reviewed. If they were, this would quickly become a full-time job in itself.

        I appreciate your efforts, truly! Thanks for replying as quickly as you did, and keep up the good work bro!

        Most Sincerely,
        Brian A.

  9. R.I.P. Mr. Thorton you are with your wife again and most likely as happy as you can be. And for the four that did this the only thing I have to say is “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life” that is all goodbye

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