Another U.S. Soldier Killed in Green On Blue Attack

The Associated Press is reporting that another U.S. Service member was killed today, Sunday, August 19th 2012, by a man in an Afghan police uniform. Seems they were on a Joint patrol when the Afghan turned his weapon on the American Soldiers. This raises the death toll to 10 in such attacks in  just two weeks.

Few details were immediately available about today’s killing of a coalition member in southern Afghanistan. NATO said only that they and Afghan authorities were investigating.

The Taliban are now claiming that they are actively recruiting what they are calling “turn-coats”, meaning more and more of these attacks are coming, according to their statement.

We learned Friday that U.S. troops have been ordered to carry loaded weapons at all times in Afghanistan, even when they are on their bases. I wonder when that changed, as when I was their a few years ago, weapons were always loaded.

I am thinking that our Afghan counter-parts should be placed away from our Soldiers at this point, as it seems this Green on Blue violence is going to continue. I, for one never liked having ANP or ANA go out on patrols with us. It always made me uneasy to have someone I couldn’t really trust, carrying a loaded AK-47 next to me.

DOD has not released the Soldiers Identity yet, they are in the process of contacting the nest of kin. ~Bulldog1



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  1. We’ve been carrying on amber on pretty much each COP and FOB I’ve been to, but this is just around the Ghazni and Paktika Province areas. Just recently, within the last few days or so, we’ve been told to keep em hot – on red – locked and loaded even on the COPs and FOBs. This came out before yesterday’s incident (which I hadn’t heard about yet), but the reasoning was because of those green-on-blue attacks. I’ve got less than a month left on this deployment, getting closer.

  2. WTF is this Red-Amber-Green crap? If you’re not carrying one in the pipe at all times then why are you toting around that hunk of metal on your back/hip. My team and I carry in a Hot status at all times. It’s combat. Or has someone forgotten that?

  3. We have been on red status ever since we got in country. I know a few FOBs I have been to have been on green until just recently. Why have a weapon if it is not loaded and ready to go? Never undertood the point of that.

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