13 Year Old Elizabeth “Liz” Sams Sings “Dear Veteran” In A Tribute To Veterans For Veterans Day

Elizabeth Sims



Elizabeth “Liz” Sams is a thirteen year old from California, she wrote this song along with her mother Renee, for Veterans. Once you hear her sing, it is hard to believe she is only thirteen. You can feel the heart and soul she poured into this song, if it does not give you chills, nothing will. I have sent an email to the mother asking how to purchase this song, as soon as she gets back to me I will post it here.

This is what her dad had to say about Liz and the song:

“From the heart of my 13 year old daughter, Liz Sams, “Dear Veteran” is a moving tribute to the men and women who have served our nation in the Army, Navy, Airforce  Marines, and Coast Guard. It is Elizabeth’s desire to help her generation understand that freedom is not free. DEAR VETERAN was written by Elizabeth and Renee Sams.”

Liz you are definitely setting a great example for your peers,and I would like to say thank you for this song, and the respect you have for the members of the armed forces and Veterans. You are what America is about, what this great country was founded on, and why we take the oath to protect her. Freedom is only ours because of those who have fought, bled, and died for it. A lot of Americans take freedom for granted, I am glad you are stepping forward to remind them that it is not free.  Again, thank you Liz.

And here is the Song, along with a video her and her father put together. Be sure to go over to youtube and comment to let her know what you think!

Also here is the link to purchase on iTunes. Dear Veteran _ Elizabeth Sams


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  1. As a veteran I can not express the emotions that this song gave to me. Especially written and sang by a 13 yr old. It brought back my faith in todays youth that some children have love, appreciation and respect for the the ones that have served this country. Thank you Liz, Renee and Liz’s father for this great tribute to our troops near and far. Your voice and lyrics speaks volumes of your maturity which is beyond your years.

  2. Dear Mr. Bulldog1:
    This is Renee and Elizabeth Sams. We are writing to THANK YOU once again for serving your country in yet another way… By sharing our song. By your outreach and the grace of God, this song and its message to all of you who serve and have served is being heard.
    We love you all and appreciate what you have done for this great nation and what you continue to do.
    Yes, please have hope… that by a little song like this… we can inspire and educate the next generation to truly understand that freedom is not free.

    God bless you and THANK YOU!

    Elizabeth and Renee Sams

    • Renee and Elizabeth, you deserve the thanks. I have not heard a song like this sang with so much heart and passion since Lee Greenwood released “Proud To Be An American”. From all our Veterans and current Service Members, thank you!

      • Mr. Bulldog, I agree i give her, a big ole MURIKA!!! , and a (tear), I like to thank her, her parents , all the veterans before me, and the ones that will follow, MURIKA!!! IM COMMING HOME!!!!!! cant wait to kiss the land of the free…

  3. Dame Elizabeth it makes me so much more proud and gives me strength when i hear people like you hew apreachiate the vetrans so much.

  4. Hi to the Sams family:

    I am president of the Avenue of Flags Committee in support of Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno, California. The committee puts on the annual Memorial Day and Veterans Day programs at Golden Gate. I have tried to find a phone number or email address for a more private access to you but to no avail.
    I was wondering if it is possible to get a copy of the lyrics and a separate copy of the music of your inspiring song, Dear Veteran?
    If permissable, we would like to have the song sung by one of our participants at our Veterans Day program this year. If possible, please let me know how much it costs and where to send a check?
    If you need proof of our existence, please visit: our website at: http://www.avenueofflagscommittee.ggnc.com.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Have a healthy and happy new year.
    Carolyn Livengood

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