11 Year Old Takes A Stand To Get Local Veterans Cemetery Cleaned Up


11 Yr Old Trevor

Courtesy The Indy Channel:- Montgomery County, Indiana

11 year old Trevor McKinney from Montgomery County Indiana is taking a stand in order to get a local Veterans Cemetery cleaned up. The cemetery, which holds the remains of Soldiers dating back to the Revolutionary war, has fallen into disarray,and Trevor is not too happy.

One Soldier buried there, John Hardee, served under General George Washington in the Revolutionary War. As local history tells it, he was captured and actually escaped from a prison ship. Now he lies in the cemetery under high weeds and grass.

Trevor said that’s not OK.

“When we first moved there about three years ago, it was kept up pretty nice,” McKinney said.

Now the small cemetery across from McKinney’s house is not maintained and is overgrown with weeds that cover its proud history.


“The people in the wars, they are risking their lives to give us a free country and we can’t even keep up a garden in their honor,” McKinney said


The dates on the old, cracked headstones tell the stories of the dead who fought in some of the nation’s oldest wars.

McKinney volunteered to cut the grass, but the local trustee’s office told him no, citing liability issues.


“I’m instilling that in my children how important it is to give back to your community, and I just don’t understand why it has to be so difficult,” Trevor’s dad, Dennis McKinney, said.


The trustee assumed their contractor, who they hired to maintain several area cemeteries, was doing the work, but an inspection on Thursday revealed otherwise.


Mary Ellen Collom with the Union Township Trustee’s Office reviewed the neglect and said she saw more than just a broken contract.


She has spent the last 15 years working to restore the cemetery, locating the graves and polishing the headstones.


“I’ll go back and talk with the trustee and this will be taken care of. This will be taken care of,” Collom said.


McKinney will be waiting to help with solutions of his own.

“I hope they can just make like a little committee and one person can just take turns mowing it each week. Just mow that graveyard and then one maybe just like that,” McKinney said.


The trustee’s office said they called and left a message with the contractor Thursday, and promised the site will get cleaned up before the end of the week.




Here is the video of the story:



So this young man even offers to cut the grass in the cemetery himself, but is turned down due to liability issues. Good on you Trevor, and we all thank you for taking a stand for those Veterans.

To me it seems more like the contractor not doing his job, and whoever it is, they need to be fired immediately!

I Still wonder why they can not let him cut the grass, give him the contract for that Cemetery.  I am sure his dad can take it for him, and sign the liability waiver. And not only that, but it is right across from his home!

Maybe we can help Trevor? Would love to see him be able to cut the grass in that Cemetery. This is the FB for the reporter that did the story, maybe he can help us to help Trevor. What do you say Chance? Chance Walser’s FB Page


What are your thoughts?
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  1. What state is this located in? I’ve been looking for something to reference to but haven’t found anything. The reason I’m asking, there is a Montgomery County near Houston where I’m located and I would love to help this young inspiration.

  2. Out of all the garbage in this world, it really refreshing to see this. I think the father deserves a parenting award. Though the maintenance of the cemetery is a disgrace, the action of this young man to bring together a community in a common cause is more than commendable… and that makes this story uplifting. I see bright things in Trevor’s future. Thanks for posting guys!

  3. As once a Veteran cemetery care taker, I took pride in keeping the grounds a beautiful/peaceful resting place for my brothers/sisters/family members. mostly I ask the school kids to get involve while teaching our history about our Hero
    I know that there are some help out there that Support our fallen Solders without a cause. I Thank you for your Support

  4. Citizens of Detroit are mowing and keeping the parks in order, since the city is broke. I don’t see the problem with this kid mowing the lawn. It’s ridiculous.

  5. Liability becomes the issue because of Trevor’s age (11 yo) and him using a gas powered lawn tool. Is this a Federal Vet’s cemetery or State Vet’s cemetery? Where are the officials intervening on this issue????

  6. Trevor, I really appreciate what you are doing for those guys! I am an Iraq War Veteran, and I hope I have a young man batting for me like that! That is awesome! Keep it up… DON’T stop!

  7. “The trustee’s office said they called and left a message with the contractor Thursday”

    Oh thank goodness… they left a message…

    Whatever message they left was entirely too long winded, guaranteed. They only needed two words. “you’re fired”. No contract would survive a trip to court with a few photos of a poorly kept vet cemetary as evidence, and if they were paid in advance, a countersuit would have pretty good odds as well…

    • And I would hold the trustee(s) accountable also. In my humble opinion, this (these) trustee(s) are sitting his/her position for title only, not to do anything that requires any thought or action. There is too much of this kind of “office sitting”. Okay. I’m finished ranting.

  8. My husband is at Western Reserve Federal Cemetary in Medina County, Ohio. Absolutely beautiful. Cannot understand why this was allowed to happen! What an inspiring young man!

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